Delhi's political elite want to control rest of India, but people are rebelling: Pawan Kalyan

The North-South divide is not among the people, but the political class, Kalyan said.
Delhi's political elite want to control rest of India, but people are rebelling: Pawan Kalyan
Delhi's political elite want to control rest of India, but people are rebelling: Pawan Kalyan
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That politicians based out of New Delhi were not able to grasp sentiments people in southern states, was a a sentiment that was echoed a lot in Tamil Nadu.

And now away from Tamil Nadu, the same sentiment is echoed by a few in Andhra Pradesh.

Actor turned politician Pawan Kalyan believes that the division between north and south India was not between people, but between political class.

Speaking to Sakshi Khanna of News18 on the issue of special status for Andhra Pradesh, Kalyan said: “The north-south divide is not between people but political class. Same rule has to be applied all over.”

Questioning the BJP’s “pro-small states” stance, he said that if Andhra and Telangana were divided, why isn’t the same being done for Uttar Pradesh and separate statehood for Vidharbha.

“What we all in southern India feel that there is a political elite class of Delhi who want to run the entire country, having majority in Uttar Pradesh. People are rebelling against that thought,” he added.

Kalyan also criticized the Andhra Pradesh state government for not allowing protesters to stage an agitation in Vishakhapatnam for special status. However, the police had foiled the demonstration by imposing section 144 of CrPC, making an assembly of five of more people, criminal.

Kalyan said that while special status was promised to Andhra Pradesh while bifurcating Telangana, but the central government had not fulfilled it, changing its stand multiple times.

Calling the division of the state “painful” and one done without “proper measures”, Kalyan said: “They (centre) kept diluting their promise and decided on special package. After complete analysis, we found it’s an eyewash and to deceive people.”

He took a dig at the incumbent TDP government saying that it had “compromised” with the centre.

He also promised that he would ‘take the movement forward’, but after taking “constructive measures” and consolidating support. Acknowledging that every party was doing its part to further the movement, Kalyan added that it was important for the people to keep their political differences aside as the agenda of politics is only to “serve people”.

In a press conference earlier, Kalyan had said that the movement for special status could not be stopped as the TDP’s clamp on the protesters had only made the youth angrier.

“They wanted to make their voice heard in unison and this how you treat them? You should have given them permission for at least one hour. Now you have only made them angrier by this. Let me tell you now, you may have postponed the agitation but please don't think you stopped it,” he said.    

Following Jallikattu protests, many youngsters in Andhra Pradesh had mobilised themselves through social media. However on January 26, police foiled attempts to hold a rally at RK Nagar beach in Vishakapattinam. Politicians like Pawan Kalyan and Jagan Mohan Reddy too have stepped up pressure, terming AP government as liars.

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