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Dei fellows we translated lyrics of Kabali song Neruppu Da for you - read
Flix Fun Tuesday, June 14, 2016 - 13:53

You are not a Tamilian, you do not understand Tamil, but you are consumed by Rajini-mania (like you have a choice) – and you are wondering, what this song “Neruppu Da” is all about? And you want to know what it means, yes?

TNM to the rescue.

Rajini-starrer Kabali’s adrenalin-pumping, euphoric, exciting, thrilling, exhilarating, electrifying, stirring, craziness-inducing, superstar-madness-invoking song ‘Neruppu Da’ is the new thing in town.

Whether we sleep, eat, drink and work or not – need to listen to ‘Neruppu Da’ every day. Because, Neruppu da!!

But we don’t want our brothers and sisters speaking other languages to stay deprived of the enigmatic lyrics behind the exhilarating music of Neruppu Da. So here it is, the translation. You can play the track above as you read along. (Lyrics in bold and translation in italics).


Neruppu Da, Nerungu Da, Mudiyuma?

I am fire da, if you can come near me da, can you?


Rajini dialogue: Bayama? Hahahaha

Fear for me? Hahahaha *Rajni’s goosebumps-giving laughter*


Neruppu Da, Nerungu Da, Paapom

Nerunguna, Posukkura, Kootam

Adikkura, Azhikira, Yennam

Mudiyuma, Nadakuma, Innum?

I am fire da, if you can come near me da, let’s see

If you come near me, you will be combusted, that’s the crowd you are

Your nature to hit people and wipe them out

Do you think it will continue happening now?


Adakunna, Adangura, Aalaa nee?

Izhuthatum, Piriyira, Noola Nee?

Thadaiyellam, Mathikura, Aalaa nee

Vidiyala, Virumbidum



Are you the kind who will be tamed?

Are you a thread which will split the minute you pull it?

Are you the kind who will bow down to rules?

It is not dawn yet

We will like Kabaliiiii….



Rajini dialogue: Maghizchi



Karunaiyai maru, Kavalaigaiyai aru

Idayathul oru, Iruukam varu poru

Say no to sympathyies, forget your worries

In your heart, there will be uneasiness, but hold on


Yaavum inge, maayam maayam

Un veeram endrum, seeri paayum

Nam desam engum rosham yerum

Oru varthai kooda, pudu matram kaanum

Everything here is maya, maya

Your strength will tear out and pounce

Our nation’s pride will increase world over

Even one word can bring new change


Rajini dialogue: Na vandhuttenu sollu, thirumbi vanduttennu, 25 varshattuku munnala epidi ponaro kabali apidiye thirumbi vanduttannu sollu.. kabali da..  

“Tell them I have come, that I have come back… Kabali is back the same way he went away 25 years ago, tell them I am back!! I am KABALI DAAAA!!!”


Viduthalaiyadai, Vidaiyennai ninai

Bayathiyei murai, pagal kanavai udai

Veeram thiyagam modhum modhum,

Un tholil kaayum aarum aarum

Ini kurotham dhrogam maayum maayum

Varungala iniyum ithigaasamagum

Get freedom, think of answers

Face-off with your fear, break your day dreams

Heroism and martyrdom will clash

The injury in your shoulder will heal

Now anger and betrayal will die

What will happen now will be history






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