Crops failure, debt, cancellation of daughter's marriage forced him to commit suicide.

Debt-ridden Karnataka farmer kills himself unable to get cash for daughters wedding
news Suicide Sunday, November 27, 2016 - 10:30

A farmer in Bidar district in Karnataka killed himself as he was allegedly unable to get his daughter married owing to financial crisis. 

The deceased, identified as Sukhdev Venkatrao, from Bhalki village in the district, consumed poison after not being able to access cash, reported Bangalore Mirror.

He was being taken to a hospital in Hyderabad where he died.

According to sources, the 55-year-old was not getting money from banks on time and was forced to beg his friends for cash. However, with new notes in short supply he was in dire straits. 

According to the BM report, the wedding was subsequently cancelled. Unable to bear the embarrassment, the farmer killed himself. 

Venkatrao was also reportedly debt ridden. He had allegedly borrowed Rs 3 lakh and had not repaid the amount. The lenders had been mounting pressure on him asking him to pay the money in new currencies. 

Adding to all his troubles the farmer’s crops had also failed due to inadequate rainfall. 

The farming community in general is facing troubles due to demonetisation. Farmers are finding it difficult to use the cash they have earned to prepare the ground for next season. Even traders are reluctant to purchase their produce, reported The Hindu.

Earlier this week, a debt ridden farmer and his family in Telangana committed suicide by consuming curry mixed with pesticide.​