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The News Minute | November 27, 2014 | 04:30 pm IST While surfing through videos on Youtube we came across this website through a video uploaded by Worldwide Weird called www.reborn-baby.com. It is a website that features the portfolio of Deborah King, an artist from UK who is involved in the art of making of dolls that look like real-life babies. Now leaving the judgements aside, the Homepage of this talented artist features some of the latest baby creations and it is uncanny how often they resemble like a real baby. Image Courtesy: reborn-baby The website has multiple galleries filled with pictures of dolls that look like real babies. The about Deborah King page says that she has been a reborn artist for over 5 years and has sold these life-like dolls all over the world and to think of it was just a few days ago that Barbie started selling dolls with real problems. Her work can be bought on ebay.co.uk where it gets the largest public exposure and it is definitely a wonder if these life-like baby dolls would ever make it to the Indian market.