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The Newsminute| November 6, 2014| 4.44 pm IST Whatsapp, the popular social networking app, today revealed a new update that shows whether a text has been read or not. Similar to the BBM feature, a person sending a text can now see if the recipient has read the text or not. If the text is sent successfully and received, the two grey ticks will appear as usual and once the text is read, the ticks will turn blue. Predictably, Whatsapp users have received this with a lot of apprehension, as it puts a lot of social pressure. The pressure to now reply to a text once it has been read will possibly add stress to relationships. This also brings into focus the problem of privacy. Unlike in BBM where the ‘read message’ feature is only applicable to people who are invited to the chat, here any random person texting you will know if you are ignoring their texts or not.  Although it might put stress on your relationship with your boyfriend/girlfriend or worse, your boss, there is an upside to this feature - your worried mother can know that her child has read her ‘be safe’ and ‘pick up bread on the way home’ texts. Whatsapp users took to twitter to express their opinions about the new feature.  Stalking taken to a new level! You've been read. #BlueTicks #WhatsApp pic.twitter.com/sqQWtmehgv — Everymedia (@Every_Media) November 6, 2014 Notice the #BlueTicks on #WhatsApp? Privacy breach. They tell the sender that u've read the message. 😞 pic.twitter.com/DSIwSbn1ey — Rohit Paradkar (@Rohit_Paradkar) November 6, 2014 This is how we did it only a few years ago! #whatsapp #blueticks pic.twitter.com/TeetyHExsd — Bart Lambrecht (@bartlambrecht) November 6, 2014 i got 99 problems 2 blue ticks aint 1 #whatsapp — Sirlance-TheDJ (@Sirlancethedj) November 6, 2014 #WhatsApp blue ticks pic.twitter.com/p4HhJsMomt — Michelle Morris (@Shelly0391) November 6, 2014 #WhatsApp blue ticks Here's a tip: don't beg for what someone can do without you having to say so. pic.twitter.com/wjFhXzTW26 — Charles Rare (@Rare_Thoughts) November 6, 2014
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