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The News Minute| February 14, 2015| 1.50 pm IST He can deflect bullets with a bullet vest that looks quite close to cardboard and tin foil. He makes disarming a bomb with his teeth look like a piece of cake. He says lines like “When a normal man touches current, he gets a shock. I am Narasimha. If current touches me, current gets a shock” This is one of the most famous movie lines uttered by Vijayakanth, or Tamil Nadu’s leader of the Opposition fondly known as the Captain. An actor-turned politician who is known as much for his on-screen acrobatic skills to his outbursts during political meeetings, Vijayakanth has been the epitome for one thing - patience and tolerance for public ridicule. The Mufflerman might might have been praised and slighted on social media in the same breath for his choices ever since his entry into politics, but Captain, the leader of the DMDK has braved the brunt of ruthless mockery and memes for a number of years in public life - at an altogether higher level. He is probably the second most important person in the Tamil Nadu Assembly considering his position as Leader of the Opposition. But that has not stopped fans, critics and the general public from unfolding their online wrath against him. In fact a meme industry was thriving, purely based on ‘Gaptun’. Come to ‘Babu Ganesan’, Vijayakanth tells a foreigner. ‘That’s Barbeque Nation, damn you idiot’, had become one of the most popular meme of all times! From his onscreen acrobatic talent that could put Akshay Kumar to shame and and his unique, indistinguishable accent to his well-known love for alcohol, fans have done everything in showing their love for the star-politician - Tamil style.   In an age where getting offended has gone in-style, and politicians, groups and individuals lodge complaints at the drop of a hat, one has to hand it to this politician for braving it all and ignoring all the mockery that has come his way. Considering this, a move by DMDK functionaries on Thursday to complain to the Chennai police against online jokes against their leader making the rounds has come as a surprise, according to a report by The Hindu. Though Vijayakanth himself has not made any public statements, the party which met the Deputy Commissioner of Central Crime Branch S Jeyakumar accused the ruling party of repeatedly posting comic content against the leader on social media. It looks like even Vijayakanth has a threshold as far as his sense of humour goes! But love him or hate him, you got to appreciate him for not taking such harmless ridicule seriously… for this long! Tweet