“What about men who wear sunglasses?” asks a user.

Dear Rishiraj Singh social media has some doubts over your 14 second-ruleRishiraj Singh/PTI
news Social Media Monday, August 15, 2016 - 17:47

“Men can be booked for continuously staring at women for more than 14 seconds,” announced Kerala’s Excise Commissioner Rishiraj Singh in Kochi on Sunday.  

And while Kerala’s Sports Minister EP Jayarajan rebuked the commissioner for interfering in a department he was not a part of, social media, however, was flooded with doubts. 

Trolls expressed their gratitude to Rishiraj Singh. 

Others poked fun at the “14 seconds” comment.

“What have you done? Murder or robbery?”

“Neither. I went to see a girl. They filed a case saying I looked at her for more than 14 seconds.”

Some users wondered about obvious loopholes.

Let’s start at the basics. How do we count? 14 seconds is a long time if one goes by Ross’ standards.

Just like the above meme where the man stares at the woman for 13 seconds, then blinks and continues to stare at her for the next 13 seconds, social media users have already found their way out.

“Staring continuously is punishable, what if we blink?”

“What about men who wear sunglasses?” asks another.

Bus stops from tomorrow onwards.

Some resigned themselves to their new time limit.

“I think we can manage with 13 seconds,” says a user.

“13.5 will be safe,” another Twitter user writes.

One Twitter user even pleaded guilty.

But it’s not just men who have doubts.

While a woman user asks whether she is expected to walk around with a stopwatch, a male user is glad that he owns a chronograph watch to calculate the time accurately.

The commissioner’s statement has also driven innovation.

One user suggested glasses that gives out an electric shock when the focus is at a single point for more than 14 seconds. 

Does this rule apply to only men or women who stare at women too? 

Maybe, maybe not. 

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