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The News Minute | December 24, 2014 | 12:20 pm IST Doordarshan News put out a tweet along with a photo and immediately realized they had committed a mistake. So, following the natural protocol of things, they deleted it and put up a new tweet. I want to smoke what guys at @DDNewsLive are smoking! pic.twitter.com/N2J3FccKFM — Nistula Hebbar (@nistula) December 24, 2014 But social networking sites are places where punctuation errors can be overlooked but not blunders. The tweet immediately saw more than 30 retweets and comments on Doordarshan's inefficiency. Here's the real picture, for the curious ones. What a waste of a perfectly good picture though. @DDNewsLive @sruthijith pic.twitter.com/EyyVJD2EkC — Tora Agarwala (@toramatix) December 24, 2014 Was it satire, some asked? Well! What happened was basic human error. It could happen to anyone and we just want to say we are with you. (Obviously) DD immediately responded and asked people not to misinterpret news.  @nistula @RaghunathJoshi Dear followers there has been an error. Story has been put with correct picture again.Kindly don't misinterpre news — Doordarshan News (@DDNewsLive) December 24, 2014 Tweet
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