Day 5 at Golden Bay Resorts: TVs and phones back as grip over AIADMK MLAs relaxes
Day 5 at Golden Bay Resorts: TVs and phones back as grip over AIADMK MLAs relaxes

Day 5 at Golden Bay Resorts: TVs and phones back as grip over AIADMK MLAs relaxes

There have been wild rumours about massage ladies and drunken dances at the resort - we give you the insider story.

As the political deadlock in Tamil Nadu continues, the focus remains on Golden Bay Resorts, Koovathur, where over a 100 MLAs from the AIADMK have been stationed since February 8.

However, the iron grip around the resort has loosened since Sunday. Previously, TNM had reported that the staff of the resort were forced to switch off their phones and even the MLAs had been restricted from communicating with people outside.

On Monday, an ambulance was seen going towards the resort. While there were reports that many MLAs had fallen sick, a reliable source told TNM that everything was fine. 

"Many of the MLAs have diabetes and high blood pressure, so a medical camp has been organised. This was decided on Sunday itself and in fact, there were two doctors who were assisting them. Today, the ambulance is being stationed at the resort in case of any emergency. There is no food poisoning."

The source says that now, the mood is much more relaxed: "Earlier, the TVs and phones were all switched off. But since Sunday, people have been allowed to watch TV and make calls. The AIADMK MLAs have their meetings in the conference room and the staff members are kept out of these."

The source dismissed rumours of massage ladies being brought into the resort to "entertain" the MLAs.

"There is a lot of police presence in the resort. There are cops in mufti, too. Absolutely nothing illegal is going on. The MLAs mainly use the swimming pool, eat, and drink. They dance to music in the conference room sometimes."

What about reports of Karagattam performances and such like?

"That was just the welcome dance that is done at the resort for guests. There was nothing special organised for the MLAs."

The source added that while there is a spa at the resort, the spa staff are not present on the premises currently.

"There are women MLAs too, so this rumour about "massage ladies" doesn't make any sense," the source said.

The source also said that the Sasikala family has brought in staff from their side to help the resort staff with the cooking.

"The resort has only about 40 staff. It's very difficult to prepare meals for so many people who keep coming and going. So now, they've brought people from their side to help with the whole thing."

Last week, some residents of Koovathur had complained that they were being forced to show their ID cards to enter their own property.

"Yes, this was happening, but after objections were made, this has now stopped. There is no private property beyond the resort. This is the end point. So there's no reason for anyone to going beyond this, generally speaking."

The source further claimed that the stone-pelting incident had been blown up by the media.

"There was one person - one of their own security people - who threw a stone at mediapersons. But nothing more happened."

Regarding rumours about the ownership of Golden Bay resorts, the source said,

"Golden Bay was started by Mr Bhaktavatchalam, a Chennai-based entrepreneur who started his career with a medical shop and later moved into real estate. He is originally from Thanjavur. The property was bought by him and his family now manages it. They have no political connections whatsoever and are not associated with the Sekar Reddy group as it's being projected." 

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