Killed and buried 8 years ago: Missing Kerala man’s murder finally revealed

Daughter uses app to record a confession that unravels fathers 8 year old murder
news Crime Thursday, December 15, 2016 - 10:24

Forty four year old Mathew went missing from Thalayolaparambu in Kottayam district in 2008, and his whereabouts remained a mystery for many years. Now, a letter written by an accused in another case has emerged, revealing that Mathew had not disappeared, he had been murdered.

Though there were some enquiries from the police initially, the case was later nearly closed as they couldn’t find Mathew. Mathew’s family also thought that he might have abandoned them as he had many financial liabilities.

Now an arrested accused in a fake currency case, Aneesh, 38, has confessed that he had killed Mathew and buried him.  Now a three-storied shopping complex functions in Asupathrikavala of Thalayolaparambu, where Aneesh is said to have buried the body. On Wednesday, police dug a 35 sq ft wide and 6 ft deep pit inside the basement of the complex. However, since nothing was found, police have started digging another place in the basement.

Some years ago, Mathew had given Rs one lakh to Aneesh by taking the latter’s father’s land deed as a guarantee. Later Aneesh escaped to Gujarat and from there he learnt fake currency printing and returned to Thalayolaparambu. He started a printing press, where currency was printed secretly along with his friend Preman.

Preman was aware about the murder and later when both of them got arrested in October, Preman sent a letter to Aneesh’s father’s Vasu.

“He sent a threat letter to Vasu seeking money. He threatened him that he would reveal the murder otherwise,” K G Simon, SP in-charge of Kottayam told media.

It was then that Vasu came to know about the murder. But he tried to get back the land document pledged by Aneesh by meeting Naisy, Mathew’s daughter.

“On December 3, Vasu came to meet me talking about some documents. He also took my phone number. Next day, it was a Sunday; he called me early morning at 7 am. He told me that my father had been murdered and he would not return. After cutting the call, I downloaded a recording app and called him again. I made him tell me whatever he had said in the previous call,” Naisy told The News Minute.

In the phone conversation with Vasu, Naisy asked him whether he was sure that her father was killed and Vasu answers in the affirmative. Naisy later submitted the phone conversation to the Vaikom police which led to the confession of Aneesh.

Naisy’s phone recordings lead the police to Aneesh. Though he has reportedly confessed about the crime, the police are yet to find Mathew’s remains. And Naisy says she has no closure till then.