The India Today group fired Angshukanta Chakraborty after she refused to delete the tweet or resign.

DailyO editor fired over tweet criticising hate-mongering and fake newsAngshukanta/Twitter
news Controversy Wednesday, February 14, 2018 - 12:37

The India Today group terminated the employment of Angshukanta Chakraborty, a political editor at DailyO, over a critical tweet. DailyO is a website under the India Today group.

“Promoters turning a blind eye to hate-mongering, fake news spreading news anchors, editors, reporters and writers, or hiring them in the first place, must be tried in courts as hate speech enablers-profiteers. Must be boycotted socially by secular politicians & Industrialists,” Angshukanta had tweeted on February 4.

According to the Quint, the India Today group asked her to take down the tweet, resign, or face termination.

After Angshukanta refused to delete her tweet, India Today reportedly held two meetings with her to reconsider, after which they gave her the three choices.

“I decided I won’t resign, and I should not own up to any guilt, I don’t think I’m guilty,” she told Scroll.

Employees of the India Today group reportedly received an email on January 3 asking them to add the clause that the views expressed by them were their personal opinions. Angshukanta reportedly also had the clause on her Twitter profile until the time she was fired.

Anchors at channels under India Today have been earlier caught spreading fake news –  including those from Mail Today and Aaj Tak. Stories done by the India Today group feature in the ‘Top fake news stories circulated by Indian media in 2017’ by AltNews.

The India Today group said that Angshukanta’s tweet was in violation of their social media policy, but she denied the claim.

“It was in compliance with social media policy, it was not ad hominem, no one was tagged, it was not abusive, and moreover, it was written by someone who makes a living by making political commentary,” she told Scroll.

India Today’s official response said that Angshukanta’s services were terminated “due to breach of editorial conduct."

“Actions contrary to our editorial ethos have no place in our organization,” the response added. 

India Today’s move was slammed widely on social media.