Cyber attacks affected 76 mn accounts, says JP Morgan

Cyber attacks affected 76 mn accounts, says JP Morgan
Cyber attacks affected 76 mn accounts, says JP Morgan
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The News Minute| October 3, 2014| 03.00 pm IST

US banking giant JP Morgan Chase has issued updated information about a cyber attack which it suffered in August and that approximately 76 million current accounts and seven million small enterprises were affected.

In an official document presented before the US Security and Exchange Commission Thursday, the bank specified the type of data that was breached in the attack on the web and mobile application of JP Morgan Chase & Co.

The information accessed by the hackers included names, addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of its clients, as well as internal information of the company.

However, the bank has not yet registered evidence of this data theft affecting the number of accounts, access codes, identity card numbers, dates of birth or social security numbers.

Although the investigations continue, the bank has not had any proof yet showing that a fraud related to this data theft has occurred, but they have been calling their clients to inform them if they face any irregularity.

"The company continues to monitor and control the situation and investigate the matter. Also, the bank is completely cooperating with all the investigative government agencies," the document said.

JP Morgan Chase was one of the five American entities victimised by an attack, the purpose of which is still unknown and which remains subject to a thorough investigation.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has been trying to determine the origin of such a sophisticated cyber attack and if the motive was economic or part of an intelligence operation.

"Companies of our size unfortunately experience cyber attacks nearly everyday. We have multiple layers of defence to counteract any threats and constantly monitor fraud levels," said Patricia Wexler, JP Morgan spokesperson.

The American banking sector has been a target of frequent hacking in the last few years, and most of the attacks had an economic motive. That is why this case, which does not seem to be of the same profile, has caused special concern to the authorities.


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