Madhavi and Sandeep were attacked by her father, Manoharachari with a sickle last week.

Crowdfunding campaign to raise money for Madhavis medical expenses
news Caste Crime Wednesday, September 26, 2018 - 13:11
20-year-old Madhavi is recovering at the Yashoda hospital in Hyderabad. Attacked by her father, the young woman has multiple injuries on her neck and her cheek, her left arm is nearly amputated. Madhavi was hacked by her father for marrying Sandeep, a Dalit. And as she remains hospitalised, a crowdfund has been initiated on the platform bitgiving to collect money for her hospital expenses.  
The crowdfunding effort has so far managed to gather Rs 10,500 since it went live and has set a cap of Rs 5 lakh.
Madhavi and Sandeep were attacked by her father, Manoharachari with a sickle. The attack left Sandeep with a slash on his right face but it left Madhavi severely wounded.
"We will only know how much the medical bills will amount to once Madhavi is discharged, the hospital has not yet given us any bills," said Venu Sandeep's uncle who has accepted the crowd funding effort by Donatekart.
"I will be giving either Madhavi's or Sandeep bank account numbers, it will be of great help to them. There have been assurances from political leaders who visited said that the government would foot the medical bill but we are not sure about that," he added.
A team of 15 doctors conducted multiple surgeries on her over a period of 24 hours since the attack last Wednesday. The doctors performed surgeries to reconstruct her facial nerve, blood vessels, ear and muscles. The doctors then had to perform surgeries to reconstruct nerves, tendons and fix bones in her left hand. 
Another surgery was conducted on her right hand wherein her tendon and muscles were repaired.
She had suffered a deep laceration, on the left side of her face which had split her ear and left a gash on her neck. There was also profuse bleeding as arteries and multiples veins were cut along with muscles of the neck.
There was a near total amputation of her left arm and her neurovascular bundles had been cut as well as to bones were fractured. 
Madhavi was on a ventilator until Thursday and continues to be under observation. 
Speaking to TNM Anil Kumar Reddy, from Andhra Pradesh and CEO of Donatekart the organisation that has started the crowdfunding initiative said,"Many of my friends suggested that something should be done to help the couple and so we thought why not help them with a campaign to raise money to foot the hospital medical bills. Apart from meeting their medical expenses, the funds will also help the couple get back on their feet. The crowd-funded money will be credited initially to the bitgiving account, and later to the survivor's bank accounts." 
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