Someone give her the Nobel for Cool already.

Coz I have a vagina re Kangana Ranaut goes all guns blazing at Bollywood patriarchyScreenshot: YouTube
Social Video Tuesday, September 12, 2017 - 19:47

The unapologetic Kangana Ranaut who never ceases to amaze us is back with AIB's 'The Bollywood Diva Song' aka 'I have a vagina re'.

The hilarious video shows a male director pandering to the hero and sidelining the heroine as is routine in cinema industries across the country. It all starts off when Kangana, who plays the female lead (the director only understands when she tells him that she's the 'love interest') tells the director that her lines that only talk about her boyfriend make no sense - she's after all a physicist in the film!

But the dismissive director has eyes only for the hero who arrives in Khabhi Kushi Khabhi Gham style. From then on, we're treated to a superb rewrite of Chittiya kalaiyaan with laugh-out-loud lines like "I'm tired of kissing their asses, baboons have broader minds than these people."

The song also takes a dig at how women are objectified in cinema: "Mann ja ve, get them to increase my role in the film, mann ja ve, break the glass ceiling, Only make me dance in a chaddi!"

It doesn't spare Bollywood traditions like casting middle-aged heroes with very young women, while their woman contemporaries are forced to appear in soap ads.

The video takes potshots at possibly Hrithik Roshan (although his name is not explicitly mentioned) and the culture of nepotism that Kangana has been criticising: "Your dad launched you, when I say it, you taunt me, you play the victim."

The catchy chorus "Coz I have a vagina re" is infectious to say the least and has caught on, with women on Twitter tweeting the "feminine" things they have to do because they have a vagina re!

Kangana might be controversy's favourite child but damn, she won't be infantilised and has proven time and again that she will stand her ground. Someone give her the Nobel for Cool, already.


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