Tamil Nadu saw an increase of 98 cases, and Telangana saw an increase of 61 cases.

COVID-19 cases in India cross 10000
Coronavirus Coronavirus Tuesday, April 14, 2020 - 09:52

As India attempts to flatten the curve of coronavirus and is currently under a 21-day lockdown period, some states are continuing to see a steady rise in cases. The 21-day lockdown is due to the virus’s incubation period of 14 days, and was slated to end on Tuesday, but an announcement for extension is expected with the Prime Minister’s speech at 10 am. Cases across the country have crossed 10,000. 

As testing increases, some states are recording spikes in cases and number of deaths. Experts say that India should still be testing more than it currently is, and the number of cases detected is expected to go up as states ramp up testing.

Countries across the world are seeing a spike in cases, with the US now the new epicentre of the novel coronavirus. Cases across the world are currently at 1,920,618 (according to the map by Johns Hopkins), with the US showing 26,641 new cases and 1,535 new deaths on April 13, and Spain having 3,268 new cases and 547 deaths.

Here are the numbers as of 10 am on April 14:

— Tamil Nadu has a total of 1,173 cases, with 58 recoveries and 11 deaths. The state saw an increase of 98 cases. 

— Karnataka has a total of 247 cases, with 59 recoveries and 8 deaths. The state saw an increase of 15 cases. 

— Kerala has a total of 378 cases, with 179 recoveries and 3 deaths. The state saw an increase of 2 cases. 

— Andhra Pradesh has a total of 439 cases, with 12 recoveries and 7 deaths. The state saw an increase of 19 cases. 

— Telangana has a total of 592 cases, with 103 recoveries and 18 deaths. The state saw an increase of 61 cases. 

— Maharashtra saw 352 new cases, taking the total to 2,334 cases, with 229 recoveries and 160 deaths.

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