Children less than 10 years and elderly people over 70 years of age won’t be allowed for rides.

The coracle rides are back in Hogenakkal but with new regulations
news Friday, October 23, 2015 - 20:19

After a gap of 53 days, the coracle rides in Hogenakkal falls resumed on Friday. The rides were stopped in August end after six people of the same family died in an accident.

According to The Hindu report, the tourists were abandoned by their coracle rider when he sensed that water had seeped through which led to the capsizing.

On Thursday, the two-day trial under the supervision of Dharmapuri collector K Vivekanandan and Superintendent Police of the district J Loganathan ended leading to the resumption of services.

According to the new regulations, the drivers are required to wear uniforms and there will be two designated boarding points— Thoppaphikal  and Maamarathukadavu.

On each of the boarding points there will be three officials equipped with breath analyzers and weighing machines.

Each coracle is prohibited to carry more than 400 kg of load or four passengers, while children less than 10 years and elderly people over 70 years of age won’t be allowed for rides. While life jackets are mandatory, use of mobile phones are prohibited for the tourists also.

In the new system, there has to be a minimum of two coracles venturing at a time so that in case of any untoward incident, it can help in rescue process.

The Dharmapuri officials declared there are 127 safe coracles available for service.

A total of 414 drivers are divided into three categories depending on the type of journeys they can undertake.

The first category of drivers of the age group 50-60 years will only be eligible to go till Maamarathukadavu.

While the second category of drivers of having maximum age of 50 can cross Maamarathukadavu and climb up to the water tower to have the view of the falls.

The third category of drivers will be young who are eligible to go up to Maanthittu, which makes the longest stretch around the falls.

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