Tanushree's lawyer told TNM that the investigation was incomplete and that police had not taken statements from their witnesses.

Cops file closure report in sexual harassment case against Nana Patekar
news Me Too Thursday, June 13, 2019 - 15:36

The sexual harassment case against Bollywood actor Nana Patekar, which was filed by actor Tanushree Dutta, has been closed. According to reports, Mumbai police have closed the case against Nana citing lack of credible evidence.

News agency ANI reported that the Mumbai police had filed a ‘B Summary’ report in the case, which is usually done when the investigation cannot be continued due to lack of evidence supporting the complaint.

Times Now reported meanwhile that Tanushree was going to continue her fight for justice, and could challenge the closure of the case in court. 

Speaking to TNM, Tanushree's lawyer Nitin Satpute said that they've not received any official communication from the police regarding the case. "I have been trying to contact tge police but they are not responding. The investigation is incomplete. We have witnesses but their statements haven't been recorded," he said. 

In a statement to the media, Nitin added, "If police files any B or C classification of summary report, that cannot be final. We can oppose it in court, and after hearing, if the court is satisfied then again it can again direct police to reinvestigate or investigate further."

He also accused the police of being negligent and protecting the accused, Nana Patekar. Naming the witnesses whose statements had not yet been recorded by the police, the advocate alleged that the police had recorded statements those who did not knew "nothing". "Police have not investigated properly so we are opposing the summary report and are also going to file writ petition before Bombay High Court against the police officer," Nitin said. 

Tanushree Dutta had, in September last year, accused Nana of sexually harassing her on the sets of the 2009 film Horn ‘Ok’ Pleassss. In an interview to ZoomTV, the actor, who debuted in Bollywood with Aashiq Banaya Aapne also named the film’s producer Samee Siddiqui, director Rakesh Sarang and choreographer Ganesh Acharya, saying they knew about the harassment.

Tanushree was shooting the song Nathani (later performed in the film by Rakhi Sawant). According to the contract, Tanushree says, it was supposed to be a solo sequence. However, Nana Patekar came to the set and allegedly got an ‘intimate’ step added into the dance sequence with him and Tanushree.

“His antics started from day one. I complained to director and producer that I was facing a lot of problems because of him and they should tell him to stay away from me. He had no business being on set, it was my solo sequence. But there he was… pulling me with my arms, teaching me the dance,” Tanushree had alleged.

Tanushree also accused Nana Patekar of calling goons on to the set to harass her and her family.

Tanushree’s reference to Nana Patekar sending goons to harass her was corroborated by a journalist who reportedly witnessed the incident 10 years ago. Janice Sequiera narrated on Twitter how she, a cub reporter with Aaj Tak and Headlines Today at the time, had witnessed goons on the set preventing Tanushree and her parents from leaving. Tanushree had refused to do the choreography with Nana Patekar and was trying to leave when this happened. Janice also said that the story that Tanushree told her 10 years ago was identical to the events she revealed to Zoom TV.

Tanushree received the backing of Bollywood stars like Farhan Akhtar, Priyanka Chopra, Twinkle Khanna and Sonam Kapoor Ahuja to name a few.

However, others Bollywood veterans, like CINTAA member Raza Murad, former FTII chairman Gajendra Chauhan, Horn Ok Pleassss producer Samee Siddiqui, director Rakesh Sarang trivialised the issue, made sexist comments and mocked Tanushree. Samee was caught on tape brushing aside Tanushree’s story, saying that she must have been on her period. 

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