While Senkumar accused Thachankary of not being an efficient officer, the ADGP has threatened to move court against the ex DGP.

Cop vs cop in Kerala ADGP hits out at ex DGP Senkumar for calling him butcher
news Kerala Monday, July 03, 2017 - 17:55

Kerala’s former DGP TP Senkumar and ADGP Tomin J Thachankary have locked horns once again.

Following his retirement on Saturday, Senkumar had come down hard on Thachankary. In an interview to Manorama News, former DGP Senkumar hit out at the Thachankary’s appointment as ADGP Headquarters noting, “Instead of appointing a neurosurgeon who was the need of the hour, the government appointed a butcher. That would be the apt comparison,” he said.

Thachankary’s posting as ADGP Headquarters in May this year, just days ahead of Senkumar’s reinstatement to the top post, had raised eyebrows with corruption allegations against him. Many had observed that Thachankary was appointed to the police headquarters to keep Senkumar under check.  The Kerala High Court had in June termed this allegation ‘serious’ and ordered the state to file a reply.

Senkumar went on to say that he would have been satisfied had a more efficient police officer been appointed at the ADGP headquarters.

“Tomin was appointed before I was reinstated. The position (Thachankary’s position as ADGP) was not given to an officer who was efficient in the police department. If it was a good officer placed at the post I can understand,” Senkumar said.

Thachankary, however, was quick to react to the ‘butcher’ comment, and accused Senkumar of washing dirty linen in public. “It is not right to criticise the police department, after accepting the rewards from the department. The police department is not an individual. For a short term gain, it is not right to talk bad about the department,” Thachankary said in a speech at Police Association meet on Monday.

Slamming Senkumar, Thachankary said it is insane to think all others are wrong and oneself as true. He also threatened to take legal action against the former DGP, noting, “I will move court for the statements against me. I have limitations being in the department, I will wait six years for my retirement, to reply to all these allegations.”

Senkumar, who was removed as DGP by the LDF government when it came to power in May 2016, also accused senior officers of conspiring against him.

The ADGP Headquarters, however, countered Senkumar’s accusation stating, “Our power is not a personal choice. Everyone should understand their positions will change according to the chair change (government change). People do many things for media attention.”  Thachankary added that he did not accept the allegations made by Senkumar against him.

Senkumar and Thachankary have a history of being at loggerheads with each other.

In June, Senkumar had alleged that the Thachankary was smuggling out secret files. He alleged that 12 confidential files pertaining to Thachankary in the ‘T’ Branch, the confidential section of the police headquarters, had gone missing. He even alleged that Thachankary himself had removed them.