‘Cop mocked me, asked why I didn’t give dowry’: Mofiya’s father tells TNM

Mofiya Parveen, who took her life on November 23, had named Aluva Circle Inspector Sudheer in her suicide note, for allegedly behaving rudely with her and her family.
TNM's Dhanya Rajendran and Mofiya Praveen's father Dilshad.
TNM's Dhanya Rajendran and Mofiya Praveen's father Dilshad.
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When Dilshad went to the Aluva police station with his daughter Mofiya Parveen on November 22, he expected the police would help Mofiya, who was facing dowry harassment. Instead, what he faced at the station was mockery from a policeman. “Circle Inspector Sudheer first called my daughter inside, later I was asked to join. He asked me what kind of a father I was and why we didn’t give dowry,” Dilshad told TNM. However, that was not all.

Though Mofiya, a law student, had gone to the station to give her statement, the policeman had also summoned her husband Suhail and his family. A discussion in their presence dejected Mofiya further. A few hours after this meeting, Mofiya died by suicide at her home.

“She asked him (the CI) why he called her husband and his parents to the station,” Dilshad said. Sudheer did lodge the complaint and named Suhail as an accused, but only after Mofiya’s death. And Sudheer was suspended only after much furore and protests by the Congress in Kerala.

In this chat with TNM’s Dhanya Rajendran, Dilshad also revealed that his daughter and husband had met a counsellor and also met people in the local mosque. Though the counsellor and mosque officials told Mofiya to separate from her husband, she did not want to. “She really loved him. But when he sent a triple talaq, she understood that the marriage was all about the money,” Dilshad revealed.

Watch this conversation where Dilshad spoke about the dowry demands, Suhail’s lies and what exactly transpired at the police station.

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