Cong questions Kerala govt’s ‘silence’ as NIA to probe UAPA charges against students

Kerala Opposition Leader Ramesh Chennithala accused Pinarayi Vijayan of running the home department to appease the Sangh Parivar.
Cong questions Kerala govt’s ‘silence’ as NIA to probe UAPA charges against students
Cong questions Kerala govt’s ‘silence’ as NIA to probe UAPA charges against students
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The CPI(M) has caught itself in a paradox ever since two young men in Kerala, the only state where the Left is in power, were arrested under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act. The CPI(M) was first criticised for slapping the draconian law on the two students, and now for questioning the Centre for directing an NIA probe into the charges. 

Alan Suhaib (20) and Thaha Fazal (24) from Kozhikode were arrested on November 1 for allegedly distributing pro-Maoists pamphlets post the killing of alleged Maoists by Kerala Police's Thunderbolt team in the forests of Palakkad. The youth were CPI(M) activists but Chief Minister Pinarayi recently had said that police probe had revealed that the two students were ‘Maoists’. 

Opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala has lashed out at Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan saying that it is not possible for the CM to wash his hands off the case after the investigation has been handed over to the NIA. He also questioned the party, the CPI(M), over its statement, adding that the party was ‘shedding tears in vain’ for Alan and Thaha. This came after the CPI(M), in an official statement on Tuesday, condemned the Centre’s move to hand over the case to the NIA.

“It was Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan who said that it was proved through investigation that they were Maoists. The Centre handed over the case to the NIA on the basis of Pinarayi’s statement,” Chennithala said in a statement.

The Congress leader in his statement also accused the party of first remaining mum on the case and now trying to ‘throw dust in people’s eyes.’

The statement further reads, “The news that the case was taken over by NIA came out on December 19 and the Chief Minister resorted to silence so far on the issue. In a meeting on the arrest organised by the CPI(M) at Panniyankara, the leaders choose to be vocal on the Maoists links of Alan and Thaha… And now with the statement, the CPI(M), after realising that the society and Alan’s mother would turn against the party, is trying to throw dust in people’s eyes.”

Now that the Centre has handed over the case to the National Investigation Agency. The CPI(M) in its statement condemned the Centre’s move to hand over the case to the NIA.

The statement lashed out at Pinarayi, stating that by handing over the case to the NIA, Pinarayi is trying to get into the good books of Amit Shah.

“It’s not possible for the CPI(M) to wash its hands off in the case. BJP’s mouthpiece had written an editorial saluting Pinarayi Vijayan after the students were booked under UAPA,” the statement said, adding that Pinarayi Vijayan is running the home department of the state to appease the Sangh Parivar.

Meanwhile, the CPI(M)’s ally in the ruling Left Democratic Front, the CPI has reiterated its stand against imposing UAPA charges on the two students.

CPI State Secretary Kanam Rajendran, who had flayed the police act on imposing UAPA on Alan and Thaha, had earlier stated that a government that opposes Citizenship Amendment Act should oppose UAPA as well. 

“The CPI has said this earlier too. This is stand of CPI(M) polit-bureau as well. We oppose UAPA as well and it’s for the government to think about it,” Kanam told TNM. 

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