MLA KS Sabarinadhan apologised to the students and teachers of the school for the unfortunate incident.

Cong-CPI M workers clash in front of students at Kerala school MLA apologises
news Inauguration Wednesday, June 14, 2017 - 10:43

Congress and CPI (M) workers fought in front of students at a function to inaugurate the new building of Aryanad Vocational Higher Secondary School, in Aruvikkara of Thiruvananthapuram.

A few CPI (M) and Congress workers also got injured in the clash.

Minister for Ports, Museums and Archaeology, Kadannapally Ramachandran, was invited to inaugurate the new building.

The organisers of the event had assigned Panchayat President and Congress leader Shamila Beegum to deliver the welcome speech.

At the beginning of the function, when the Panchayat President began the welcome speech, a few CPI (M) workers shouted and raised objections demanding that Panchayat member Biju Kohan should deliver the welcome address since the school comes under District panchayat.

Following this, the CPI (M) workers rushed to the dais and clashed with the Congress workers.

Later, the welcome address was excluded from the function and further inaugural programmes were conducted.

The school’s new building was built using the funds provided by late G Karthikeyan, former Congress MLA of Aruvikkara. 

After the event, the party workers again engaged in clashes in front of the students.

MLA KS Sabarinadhan apologised to the students and teachers of the school for the unfortunate incident. 

“The incident which happened during the inaugural function of the new school building, which was attended by Minister Kadannapally Ramachandran, tarnishes the image of politics. I apologise to the innocent students and teachers who witnessed it,” the MLA wrote on Facebook.

The MLA also told media that as per the protocol, at any function attended by a minister and the local MLA, the Panchayat president is supposed to deliver the welcome speech.

He pointed out that in another school of Thalikode, in his constituency, a CPI (M) Panchayat president had delivered the welcome address as per the protocol.



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