Jagan said the RBKs would assist farmers in every step from purchase of seed to sale of their final produce.

Jagan Mohan Reddy addresses a meetingImage: Andhra CMO
news Governance Sunday, May 31, 2020 - 07:55
Written by  Inputs PTI

Celebrating the first anniversary of his government on Saturday, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy launched his pet project 'Rythu Bharosa Kendralu' (RBKs) that will act as a one-stop shop to address all the needs of farmers across the state.

The Chief Minister said the RBKs would usher in a revolutionary change in the lives of the farmers as they would assist them in every step from purchase of seed to sale of their final produce. The Chief Minister pressed a computer button via a videoconference from his camp office at Tadepalli in Amaravati to mark the inauguration of 10,641 RBKs.

Simultaneously, he launched an integrated call centre with the number 155251 for farmers to get their grievances redressed.

Jagan Mohan Reddy also launched the Comprehensive Monitoring of Agricultural Prices and Procurement (CM-APP) and the RBK logo and addressed the farmers across the state.

The RBKs in each village will sell seeds, fertilisers and pesticides, apart from acting as soil testing centres.

A government release said the RBKs will also be knowledge and training centres for farmers, with agriculture experts disseminating required information on better crop management and encouraging organic farming practices.

Each RBK will have a digital kiosk where farmers could place orders for inputs that would be delivered at their doorstep. They will also aid the farmers in marketing their produce.

Agriculture Minister K Kanna Babu, Finance Minister Buggana Rajendranath, Chief Secretary Nilam Sawhney and others attended the event.

Meanwhile, Jagan on Saturday also claimed that his government had implemented most of the poll promises made by the YSRCP. 

"Our manifesto had 129 promises of which 77 have already been implemented. We have given dates for implementing another 36 (till March 2021). So, only 16 more will be left, whose implementation I will expedite," he promised, addressing a virtual conference of farmers.

"Though not listed in the manifesto, 40 more items were also implemented based on people's needs. I will send our manifesto copies to your houses. Check for yourself what we have done or not done," he added.

Jagan said a sum of Rs 40,627 crore was distributed to different sections of the society (3.58 crore people) in the form of various assistance since June last year.

Jagan Reddy said his government launched the Village and Ward Secretariat system to ensure effective delivery of government services and schemes without scope for middlemen or corruption.

The Chief Minister also listed out the various other initiatives of his government like renewal of school and hospital infrastructure, market intervention scheme for farmers, reduction of liquor shops that would eventually lead to total prohibition and distribution of house-sites for over 29 lakh people.