The complaint, signed by around 15 producers, alleged misappropriation of funds by Vishal from the Tamil Film Producers’ Council (TFPC).

Complaint against Vishal for fund misuse by group of producers led by S Ve Shekher
Flix Complaint Friday, January 25, 2019 - 13:50

A group of producers, headed by actor and politician S Ve Shekher, filed a complaint against actor Vishal on Thursday for alleged fund misappropriation from the Tamil Film Producers’ Council (TFPC). Vishal, who is the president of TFPC, has been accused similarly by the group on several previous occasions as well.

A complaint signed by around 15 producers has been handed over to the Commissioner of Police in Chennai. In the complaint, the producers claimed that Vishal had sent a letter to all TFPC members stating that he has spent Rs 8.75 cr so far on the upcoming Ilaiyaraaja 75 event.

Speaking to TNM, producer K Rajan said, “Previously the Council had Rs 7 crore. Now he has sent all of us a letter saying he has used up Rs 8.75 cr. How can he do that without checking with members? Also, he should have discussed with the Council before planning the event in the first place.”

Earlier this week, producer JSK Satish had sought an interim stay on the Ilaiyaraaja event citing financial irregularities within the Council. In an interview to Silverscreen, Satish was quoted as saying, “In 2009, when Rama Narayanan was the president, the Council had a deposit fund of Rs 3.5 crore. During Thanu’s period, there was Rs 7.5 crore. But after Vishal took over, the general body meeting did not happen and we are blind about the fund.”

On Wednesday, Vishal, who inaugurated the TFPC-Microplex- Mastering Unit in Chennai, answered questions related to JSK Satish’s petition. “I have always respected the court. They will find that nothing wrong has been done.” He added that he would take on the legal battle.

Allegations regarding lack of transparency and fund misappropriation have been levied on Vishal time and again by a group of producers. In December last year, Vishal was taken into preventive custody by the Chennai police when he tried to break open the lock put by a group of members at the TFPC office in T Nagar’s Yogambal Street.