Complaint against actor Chetan for tweet on Brahminism, fans come out in support

The Brahmin Development Board in the state has asked Chetan Kumar to apologize for hurting the community’s sentiments because of his statements.
Actor Chetan Kumar speaking at an earlier event
Actor Chetan Kumar speaking at an earlier event
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A lot of messages of support extended to Sandalwood actor and activist Chetan Kumar have popped up on social media after the Karnataka Brahmin Development Board submitted a complaint against him over a tweet. The actor had tweeted a photo of himself and captioned it, “Brahminism is negation of the spirit of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity…we must uproot Brahminism— #Ambedkar ‘While all are born as equals, to say that Brahmins alone are highest & all others are low as Untouchables is sheer nonsense. It is a big hoax’ — #Periyar

While many appreciated his stand questioning the caste system, some said Chetan has always backed causes related to the rights of the marginalised. They also amplified his speech which stated that their fight is against the practice of Brahminism since it is discriminatory. But the Brahmin Development Board wasn't impressed and its Chairman Sachidananda Murthy submitted a complaint to the Bengaluru Police Commissioner Kamal Pant requesting to initiate action against the actor. He said that the actor has hurt the sentiments of the community and should apologize. However, it is not known if the police have filed any FIR against the actor yet in connection with the case. Speaking to TNM, Murthy said that they filed the complaint on June 7. “After submitting the complaint, we were given assurance by the police Commissioner that action will be taken against the actor for his speech,” Murthy said.

Chetan Kumar told TNM that he has not received any notice from the police yet. “I have not received any notice, and all the knowledge I have in the matter is through the media reports. The statements are factual and I have only spoken facts. We do not want injustice to be prevalent in society be it socio-economic or gender. The aim is to use education to make the world a better place. Our goal is to create a society which is non-discriminatory,” he said. He added that the works of Ambedkar, Periyar that he quoted are available in the public domain for study. The complaint was lodged in connection with a tweet by the actor dated June 6.

Chetan Kumar has been vocal about his stance on caste-based politics and has also questioned the film fraternity. Recently, he posted two videos about his stance on caste-based politics as an alleged rebuttal against senior actor Upendra, reported TOI. 

Kumar had uploaded a video on May 27 allegedly critiquing actor Upendra after his statement on cate-based politics. Upendra has reportedly stated that he wants to steer away from caste politics. Kumar, critiquing that in the video saying that not talking about an issue pertaining to caste-based discrimination will not eradicate the problem. He also said that those who think there are no links between caste and poverty should introspect and mull over the issue.  

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