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The News Minute | August 15, 2014 | 07:44 pm IST Twice a year in India - namely on Independence Day and Republic Day- patriotism reaches its peak, especially in the youth.  From WhatsApp to Facebook, statuses serve as reminders to switch on the patriotic mode in us as profile pictures are replaced with the modest Tiranga.  One message doing the rounds on WhatsApp reads: “Aaj se 15 August tak is indian flag ko apni whatsapp pic banaiye plz..Or fir dekhiye apke phn k contact me jab sabhi ki whatsapp pic me flag laga hoga to kitana achha feel hoga....after all we are indian yaar...plz pic change kare aaj hi or ye msg frwrd b kare...” It begins on a predictable note and you sort of are looking forward to the ‘bad luck will befall you if you do not share it’ part. And suddenly it concludes by urging us to change our profile pictures because it is supposed to exhilarate us.  What perfect reason to feel good. So the next time you are feeling down, you know what could help.  However, any August 15 or January 26 celebration now seems incomplete without lists of did-you-know-this-about-India and nine-and-a-half-reasons-that-make-India-great.  This year, Sortedd TV uploaded a video on YouTube that makes an attempt to test someone’s knowledge about India’s Independence. A handful of people from Delhi and Bangalore are asked a few basic questions. What is Mahatma Gandhi’s full name? How many years has it been since India got Independence? What do the colours in the Indian Fag represent? In what year did Jawaharlal Nehru become the president of India?  The result? They answer a few, falter at some and then give some incorrect answers with such confidence and panache that they deserve a point just for that.  But, the video is not a novel idea. It has been done time and again, the topic of the quiz changing according to the occasion. The video’s aim, if one goes by the description given along with the video, is “We've done quizzes around Delhi. This time we decided to add Bangalore to the equation. How do they match up against Delhi? Find out!”  Does it serve the purpose then? Is it just an attempt to find out which city scores more? Do the results mean something? Are these (you can count them on your fingers) people supposed to be a representation? We are still trying to figure out. Until then you have the choice to hone your GK or avoid any such advances made towards you in and around this time of the year. 
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