The article used phrases like "arrival of aunty" and "getting out" while referring to menstruation

College magazine editor suspended in Kerala for derogatory article on menstruation
news Saturday, October 17, 2015 - 09:21

 A college magazine editor has been suspended after a piece making several derogatory remarks on menstruation was published in the magazine. 

A group of students from St John's College, Anchal, Kollam, have been asked for an explanation for using phrases like "arrival of aunty" and "getting out" while referring to menstruation in the article. 

The magazine was withdrawn following complaints. However, the article garnered attention after it was widely circulated on social media.

According to The Times of India, College principal Fr James Stephan Olikkal said the article had not been given for proof reading. "The magazine was released two days ago and it was withdrawn immediately after students raised the complaint," he said.

“The union was kept in the dark about the content. The magazine was released in a hurry when author Benyamin reached the college for a seminar last month. We are not sure whether the magazine was ready by then. We could only see the cover. But when it was distributed on Tuesday , there was huge protest. This cannot be allowed in a campus with around 85% girls, “ College union chairman Praveen Raj told TOI adding that the article had no attribution.