Cockroaches and leech in food, Kochi Infopark employees protest for good food

InfoPark employees are a disgusted lot and are on a protest
Cockroaches and leech in food, Kochi Infopark employees protest for good food
Cockroaches and leech in food, Kochi Infopark employees protest for good food
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It’s the Kerala government’s prestigious project. An IT Park situated in Kochi spread over 100 acres. One would think that such an IT park would have world-class facilities, or at least decent facilities, but Kochi Infopark employees are an agitated lot.

And it's got to do with the insects in their food.

This cockroach was found inside a snack, and it is so well-camouflaged that one would think it was a stuffing.

The next one is a bit strange. A band aid inside a sandwich bought from Nila restaurant inside InfoPark.


And the yuckiest of them all, a squirmy leech in the food served at Sneha caterers inside the park.

The techies have even posted a video of the leech.

With insects invading their food, the techies have been on a ‘food protest’ for the last few days. Their ire is mainly targeted at Nila, an eatery, inside the Infopark.

A fly found in a snack

It was in the first week of July that some of the IT professionals who work in a company in Info park found cockroaches in a snack they bought from a restaurant located in Tapasya building in the Infopark campus. And more such discoveries from then on have lead to the protests.

Various Facebook groups run by Infopark employees called ‘Progressive Techies’ and ‘Boycott Nila’ have posted photographs of the insects and the protests, in a bid to increase pressure on the Infopark authorities. One such FB post also alleged that the restaurants were using a milk brand that had been banned by government.

With few restaurants around Infopark, employees are forced to use the ones situated inside, which according to them charge higher rates. (It’s perhaps for the insect decoration we feel).

“One month ago a cafeteria in Tapasya tower was closed down by food safety officials. This is a common issue faced by us inside this campus,” KP Gopakumar, one of the techies who is spearheading the campaign for good food told The News Minute.

“We can go out and have better food, but women who work here especially during shifts have no other option, and depend on these canteens inside campus. The restaurant management has never bothered about the complaints. It is high time that authorities intervened,” he added. 

Photos  : Botcott Nila, Progressive techies Facebook Page

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