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So much has been done to dissuade people from relieving themselves in public.

In many Indian cities, citing lack of accessible toilets, people frequently relieve themselves in the most accessible of places.

A problem not just restricted to this part of the world, the San Franciso Public Works department has decided to take matters into its own hands and tackle this problem in their own sweet way.

An eye for an eye, they say. In San Francisco atleast, public works officials have completed painting nine city walls with what they call pee-repellant paint, reported

What does it do? – It lets the urine get sprayed back right onto the shoes and pants of the men who were unsuspecting relieving themselves, reported SFGate.

According to the report, its not been the city’s only efforts to prevent people from relieving themselves over city walls which has banned public peeing in 2002 with little success.

A frequent problem in the city, the idea of using the paint has also been used in other places,said the report.

How does the magical paint work? The report states that the paint creates a suface chemistry which forms geometric shapes of textures,  which then repels all water-based liquids.

An idea still in its pilot phase in the city, it's an interesting idea. Think it's something Indian cities could benefit a lot out of?

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