This Christmas, go truly green: Five DIY, eco-friendly ideas for the festive season

Celebrate the festival of joy, while keeping the planet healthy.
This Christmas, go truly green: Five DIY, eco-friendly ideas for the festive season
This Christmas, go truly green: Five DIY, eco-friendly ideas for the festive season

The countdown to Christmas has begun and people are busy celebrating this wonderful time of the year. But this is also the time when huge amount of waste gets generated. How about making this festive season celebration a green one?  

This year, let us celebrate Christmas by being socially responsible. There are plenty of inspiring, sustainable ideas, which could benefit both the ecosystem and the people. Here are five ways to rejoice a greener festive season.

Make your own Christmas tree

With Christmas around the corner, people love to adorn their houses with decorative trees. Instead, you can go for an eco-friendly alternative this year. Craft your own Christmas trees with old newspapers and books, cardboard and paint it to look more vibrant. This green alternative can easily be worked on. Just check these DIY Christmas tree videos for more decorative ideas.

If craft is not your piece of cake, try buying potted Christmas trees. These potted plants are sold at farms and nurseries, which can be later replanted in your garden. It can be beautifully decorated with handmade ornaments as well, making it a sustainable option for Christmas decorations.

Opt for eco-friendly decor

The season’s festivity comes alive through the beautiful sets of fairy lights. But now is when, one should consider the impact of mass energy consumption on our ecosystem. This could be replaced with eco-friendly solar powered fairy lights or the energy-efficient LED bulbs. You can also try using upcycled home decor products to brighten the celebration.

Furbish your place with handmade fineries. DIY wreaths, stars, snowflakes and a lot of other decorations could be prepared with old, reusable materials such as paper and ribbons and moreover, it could enhance your family time, making it a fun activity for everyone.

Rethink your gifts

In this wonderful time of the year, people spread happiness by gifting their loved ones. How about going for some eco-friendly goodies this time?

From buying second-hand to choosing sustainable things (recycled bags, mason jars, sustainable toys etc.) there are plenty of ways to gift others. You can also avoid things which aren’t environment-friendly, thereby showing a little love to the planet.

It’s a tradition to send Christmas cards, but that can lead to huge amounts of waste generation. Alternatively, you can send invites and thank you notes via e-cards thereby saving on paper. Also, your family and friends might love some plant saplings, which is one of the most thoughtful gifts.

Wrap the green way

This year, buy the right gift wraps (recyclable wraps) for spreading love and joy to your dear ones. The brown recyclable wrapping papers are available online and at wholesale stationery retailers, which would look beautiful with cloth knots on any of your gifts. Try using old newspapers for wrapping by adding some extra colours to it, so that you can spread some festive love to others.

Reduce your food waste

Food, is one of the most important ways in which people can reduce their environmental impact. Try a lot of vegan recipes, while meat lovers can opt for organic meat. You can also cut down on food waste, by buying the right amount of edibles and in case if there is excess food, you can distribute it to nearby food banks or charity organisations. 

The plastic and disposable cutlery that you use, can be replaced with biodegradable options. You can opt for cutlery made from sugarcane waste to edible cutlery made from rice and wheat. 

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