Weren't we all aware that Christ adheres to a strict disciplinary code, right from the time we picked up that prospectus?

Christ University is good because of its rules I am a proud Christite Alumnus slams critics
Blog Christ University Saturday, August 06, 2016 - 12:36

Following the protests at Bengaluru’s Christ University, there has been much outrage online over the strict rules of the college. The educational institution has been severely criticized for its regressive rules by students and alumni.

But not all of them dislike the college. A Bengaluru-based journalist and former Christ student, Anusha Ravi, has hit out at the critics. Here is an edited version of her Facebook post.

For several days now I have come across a number of posts, blogs, news reports, articles and comments about Christ University. As an alumnus I couldn't help wonder why? Why this hullabaloo all of a sudden?

The flash protests, a certain lecturer being asked to leave, complains of harassment, qualms about dress code and security guards at Christ and attendance compliance.

What started as a genuine case of students standing up for a lecturer has been turned around into a frenzy, a grouse-filled witch-hunt of a prestigious university, the name of which every alumni takes pride in.

Having studied in Christ for 5 years not once did I feel oppressed, my voice stifled, my morality questioned or 'hounded' as many media outlets are referring to. The attempts being made by a few students (former and current), media houses and those individuals who have nothing to do with the university and portraying it to be some sort of an oppressive jail is simply atrocious.

For those students complaining of the dress code and attendance, weren't we all aware that Christ adheres to a strict disciplinary code, right from the time we picked up that prospectus? Why weren't these complaints raised before choosing to be a part of this university?

I was a social sciences student at Christ so let me ask, yes having a clean shaven face is compulsory for male management students but isn't that the corporate world's demand too? Is it wrong to say maintaining a dress code and proper presentation is part of the grooming process?

The university doesn't authorize any security personnel to lay a finger on the students, they are instructed only to collect ID cards of erring students. Some of these security personnel have been in the campus for decades, there have been instances where few students have behaved in the most inappropriate manner with them.

Each one of us take pride in calling ourselves Christites, the quality of graduates this institution provides is far superior than their counterparts. Why? Because of the way they groom their students. For those current students who believe that the ways of this institution is taking their dignity away, walk out of those gates with a degree in hand and appear for interviews and you will know the difference. You will know why an 85% attendance is compulsory, why a groomed face is important, why formals are part of your college education.

For those complaining of needing permission to enter hostel premises late or for a night-out, when your guardians leave you in the hostel, your safety is the college's responsibility. If something untoward were to happen to a student of the university wouldn't the same social media, news channels go all guns blazing against the University for failing to safeguard a student?

No institution is perfect and I am not saying Christ University is, but to take cover under the anonymity of social media and to paint a hellish image of this University and then go out in the world and introduce yourself as a proud Christite is purely hypocritical.

I do not expect any better from the media, because being from the same field I know that if they have a story, they will go after it. It is the so called 'victim' accounts that have left me a bit disappointed.”

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