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Chitra Subramaniam| The News Minute| May 9, 2014| 7.35 pm IST It was a slow news day. Seriously, how many ways can you write Varanasi, Modi, Kejriwal and what did you say was the name of the Congress candidate? So, we were sitting in a corner in our corner office in Bangalore (India) minding our own business, staring at televisions screens when this bullet hit us from where else – China. The Chinese are planning to build a high-speed train from China to the United States. No, this is no Alibaba IPO – this is tangible money with real risks. And they are going to build it on top of our heads – bypassing India by northern light-years. If you've taken the Trans-Siberian Express from Bern (Switzerland ) to Beijing via Moscow and Vladivostok (Russia) and if you have crossed the English channel from Dover (UK) to Calais (France) or if you have been on the Bay Area Rapid Transport (BART) in San Francisco (USA), it sort of falls into place. But if you are standing on a street in Bangalore wondering how to go home, it can be a trifle puzzling. The China Daily (which is not foreign press in India) is reporting that the journey will begin in China’s northeast, makes its way across Siberia to reach the Bering Strait. It then crosses the Pacific Ocean by an undersea tunnel of 200 kilometres and emerges in Alaska, Canada and then onto the United States. The technology exits – a project to build a high-speed train between Fujian and Taiwan is on the drawing board. The newspaper says soon there will be trains from China to the United Kingdom, China to India etc. The Americans are complaining about forced-labour in China. We have to remember to remember this next time we are in the west coast of America, but in the meantime, read the story -China proposes high speed rail from China to the US But for now, we at The News Minute (TNM) are wondering how to get home during mild showers and auto and taxi strikes in Bangalore. Some in the newsroom are very ambitious – they are clamouring for a high speed train to Mysore. Others are less ambitious, wondering if they have to swim or walk to Basavanagudi, a neighbourhood in India’s high-tech city. We know what you're thinking – Nam..Nam…Namma Metro.