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The News Minute | January 26, 2015 | 05:39 pm IST  Barack Obama on Monday became the first US president to attend the Republic Day celebrations in India as chief guest.  The US President was also caught on camera chewing gum. To be precise, Obama was seen removing his chewing gum, and then popping it back into his mouth. Reports suggest that he could have been chewing nicotine gum.  According to a 2014 report by The Washington Post , Obama's physician last year noted that 'Obama was in “excellent” health except for one minor problem: his history of smoking. But Obama, the report found, was now “tobacco free,” buoyed by the “occasional use” of “Nicotine Gum.” Considering people from all over the world were watching the Republic Day parade aired by Doordarshan, with Obama being the focus throughout, many found his act unsightly.   Social media got into a discussion over his 'gum-chewing' incident, with many also supporting him stating there was nothing wrong in the President chewing gum.  Stating that Obama has faced criticism for chewing gum during several public occasions, The Washington Post report further reads, 'It’s difficult to find a larger advocate of gum-chewing than the president. Obama chews gum while ensconced in Air Force One watching football. He chews gum while in the throes of a campaign. He chews gum when presiding over World War II commemorations. And to the horror of conservatives, he chewed gum this week at an Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation conference in Beijing. Amid the gallantry of Vladimir Putin and the accusations of Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, there was Obama, chewing away.' While some Twitterati defended Obama for chewing gum during the 66th Republic Day parade, there were others who voiced their dislike. And then there were some who got into troll mode. This is what some had to say, "Barack if you swallow chewing gum it gets stuck in your stomach for seven years you know na?" pic.twitter.com/bKKww6l1Ah — Rohan (@mojorojo) January 26, 2015   Haha. You thought Obama was chewing gum? He was secretly talking to CIA & FBI guys all the while and you thought he was chewing gum! — Roflindian 2.0 (@Roflindian) January 26, 2015 Obama was not chewing gum. It was last night's Rabri. #RDayWithObama — Shirish Kunder (@ShirishKunder) January 26, 2015 Report says Air Force One hadcarried 100 kgs of chew gum and Obama consumed half of that during 3 hours of R-Day celebrations — Ra_Bies (@Ra_Bies) January 26, 2015 Very nice parade. Well done India and the Modi govt. Well done also to Obama for chewing gum like a teenager. — Amreekan Desi (@amreekandesi) January 26, 2015 Obama stopped chewing. Where is that gum now? Must investigate. After all we are Swachch Bharat now! #ObamaInIndia #66IndRepublicDay — Nidhi D. Bruce (@TypeWriterMom) January 26, 2015 Where did Obama spit his gum? — Mridula Chari (@mridulachari) January 26, 2015 Those camels in the BSF regiment walked past & Obama thought "oh yeah I'll chew some gum too!" — c.s.amudhan (@csamudhan) January 26, 2015 Obama pulling out his chewing gum .... Modi must have been saying something interesting. — anand_bala (@anand_bala) January 26, 2015 Mr Obama: even if it's Nicorette, pls reconsider chewing gum when mtg with World Leaders. It conveys disrespect & we need all we can get. — Nelson Aspen (@NelsonAspen) January 16, 2015 Tweet Follow @thenewsminute
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