Twitter user Bhargav wrote to Swiggy and the food delivery app got back to him with a witty response.

Chennai Swiggy order picked up from Rajasthan Twitter has a laugh
Social Social media Wednesday, February 20, 2019 - 16:33

When Twitter user Bhargav Ranjan ordered food on February 17 on Swiggy, something unexpected happened. The food delivery app showed him that his order was not being picked up from a nearby place in Chennai, but from a restaurant all the way in Rajasthan; and it was being delivered to Bengaluru! What’s more, the estimated time of delivery showed only 12 minutes, whatever the legends about Bengaluru traffic may say. 

Bhargav posted a screenshot of the same on Twitter, and what followed was an amusing exchange between him and Swiggy.

Swiggy was quick to respond to Bhargav’s tweet in a witty manner. “This seems to be the work of God of mischief Loki,” Swiggy responded, and also assured on a more serious note that the issue was being taken care of.

And when someone else replied to the thread, pointing out that the order was only worth Rs 138 – compared to the trouble Swiggy had initially shown to get it delivered - the company gave another witty response. “We'll fly to the moon and back for our customers!” Swiggy said.

Many Twitter users had a good laugh at the conversation. Some said that Swiggy seemed to be faster than the Vande Bharat Express, which was recently launched. The locomotive is India’s fastest engine-less train and is also known as Train 18.

Swiggy recently extended its services beyond food delivery and launched Swiggy Stores earlier this month. This service will allow one to order anything from any store across the city. It has initially launched across Gurugram where it will deliver from over 3500 stores across the city. 

With the introduction of this feature, Swiggy has positioned itself as a competitor to Dunzo, a concierge app, which started in Bengaluru and is presently available in five cities including Hyderabad.