Although Arun has suffered from the condition since birth, until five years ago he had managed a fairly normal life.

Chennai mans leg weighs 100 kg due to a genetic disorder and he needs your help
Social Thursday, June 30, 2016 - 11:32

Despite all the problems caused by a disproportionately large leg, Arun Rajasingh managed to have a fairly normal childhood, growing up to become an engineer and found his own IT company in Chennai. However, for the last five years, Arun has been confined to a single room, unable to move around because his right leg has grown to a massive weight of almost 100 kg.

Arun has been suffering from a rare genetic condition from birth, which has caused his leg to grow abnormally fast. Although Arun undergoes physiotherapy and takes medication to mitigate the pain of his condition, doctors have not found any way to cure his condition.

Arun is still hopeful of a cure being found for his condition one day. Meanwhile, however, his inability to move around is putting severe stress on his business and life.

To help him recover as much of a normal life as possible, Arun’s sister and brother have started online funding campaigns at and to raise the money to buy Arun a powered wheel-chair and a wheel-chair accessible vehicle with which he can move outside the walls of his house.

Watch a video about Arun here:


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