With investigating officials confident of a watertight case, the advocate will reportedly be focussed solely on this case.

Chennai child rape case TN govt appoints N Ramesh as Special Public Prosecutor
news Law Thursday, August 23, 2018 - 19:53

Less than a month after horrifying news broke of the alleged rape of a 11-year-old child in Chennai, the Tamil Nadu government has appointed a Special Public Prosecutor in the case.

N Ramesh, former magistrate, Central Government Senior Standing Counsel for Madras High Court and Special Public Prosecutor for the Enforcement Directorate will be representing the Tamil Nadu government.

The advocate will reportedly be focussed solely on this case, in order to ensure speedy justice to the child and her family.

Additional Chief Secretary to Government Niranjan Mardi issued the orders on Thursday, following the recommendation of the Director General of Police, Chennai.

On July 17, news came to light of Priya* who resides with her parents at an apartment complex in the city, was allegedly sexually assaulted, raped and threatened by service staff in the building over a period of seven months.

Seventeen alleged perpetrators ranging from a 66-year-old liftman to many security guards in their twenties were arrested by the All Women’s Police station in the locality.

The men were all reportedly employees of FOCUS and UK Facility Services, a private security firm in the city.

On July 27, a mahila court in the city granted the police department custody of the 17 men for a period of five day to conduct an interrogation.

Investigating officers had earlier told TNM that they had a watertight case against the 17 accused.

According to a complaint by the parents, the girl was being raped and sexually assaulted for over six months and was too traumatised to tell her parents. The accused in the case include the security guards, plumbers, water delivery men and gardeners of a gated community in Ayanavaram where the family resides. She was allegedly raped when coming back from school or when she went down to play in the evenings. It was only last month, when the survivor's sister came home for a holiday, that the child confided in her.