The film is a rudderless tale with too many annoying coincidences.

Chal Mohan Ranga review Too many coincidences too little logic
Flix Tollywood Thursday, April 05, 2018 - 16:01

The expression ‘go with the flow’ is often used when you don’t have clarity and take things as they come. But, if a movie is directed that way, it becomes an annoying ordeal for the audience, especially those who walked in hoping for the Trivikram connection to conjure some magic. But, Trivikram’s involvement only as a producer leaves you surprised, wondering how he could let a script meander this way – pointlessly – without getting involved.

Krishna Chaitanya’s Chal Mohan Ranga is a rudderless story with too many annoyingly illogical sequences. The story uses coincidences like they were available on an Amazon sale. Sample this: Mohan (Nithiin) is desperate to work in America and manages to reach there, thanks to the dead body of an old lady (really). He accidentally finds a good Samaritan in Vicky (Madhu Nandan) who helps him find a sponsor (Rao Ramesh), another good Samaritan, who writes a cheque for – wait for it – 7000 dollars (or 6000, because his friend said he had a thousand - I don’t know - does it matter?!) to help a total stranger. Why? This was because the rich man is impressed by Megha (Megha Aakash), a woman from an affluent family, whom Mohan had met only that morning thanks to car-pooling. Accidentally! Was she saving on gas? Megha takes a liking to Mohan (What, why, how!) and even chooses to hang out with him and party with him. Go, figure!

Mohan and Megha lose touch with each other’s lives, god knows why! Probably, they were participating in the #deletefacebook campaign as well. The audience has to endure several episodes of Mohan’s antics as he spends more time getting drunk than mending his love story (he gets promoted at office, though). Several chance encounters later we find out how this torturous love story ends.

While the love story tries to highlight the adversities caused by miscommunication, it does a shoddy job of it. The director probably started out with creating an emotional romantic drama and midway changed his mind to turn this into an out-and-out rom-com. That mishmash doesn’t work.

Chal Mohan Ranga has forcibly inserted comedy plots, with comedians like Sathya over-acting like their life depended on it. All songs except one feel like they have been added as an afterthought.

Nithiin’s movies generally tend to give the audience a little bit of the unexpected – this time, in search of the unexpected, the movie delivers the unwanted (yes, the film has an overdose of rhythmic dialogues). Megha’s charm fails to do anything to a script that forces her to do nothing but look perpetually confused. Naresh was probably roped in for the movie posters to look good? Going by the 'coincidences' and 'logic' in the film, perhaps Trump may use it to justify banning Indian immigrants from the US altogether (how is that for forced comedy?). 

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