Assembly elections in the state are due in late April-early May.

CEC to visit Karnataka to check preparedness for 2018 assembly polls PTI/File
news Karnataka 2018 Tuesday, January 30, 2018 - 15:21

Newly-appointed Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Om Prakash Rawat will visit Karnataka on Wednesday to check the state's preparedness for the upcoming assembly elections, an official said on Tuesday.

"Along with a team of officials, the CEC will visit Bengaluru to meet the poll panel, district officials, police officers and representatives from political parties to check their preparedness," a senior official from the state poll panel told IANS here.

The visit is part of a "routine" procedure held two-three months ahead of the elections in any poll-bound state, the official said.

Assembly elections in the state are due in late April-early May.

The state's Chief Electoral Officer Sanjiv Kumar earlier told IANS that the revision of electoral rolls was taking place and would go on till mid-February.

Preparations are on in full swing from sometime on with the Election Commission (EC) being on an overdrive to ensure more people come out to vote.

A special drive was been launched to enroll eligible workers by the EC till January 22 . If you are over 18 years and six months of age across the state. 

According to the EC, the revised electoral rolls will be published on February 28.

In case you are already registered as a voter, but lost your voter ID card, you can approach the respective Voter Facilitation Centre with a copy of the FIR and a fee of Rs 25.

To check if your name is in the draft electoral rolls is correct, review the draft electoral rolls here or visit the BBMP ward officers, BangaloreOne offices and all BBMP offices.

If there is an error in your name or if any details in the electoral roll are wrong, you can fill an application (Form 8) to correct the mistakes. This also can be done online here.

If you can’t find your name in the polling station you last voted in, it can be because your polling station has changed.

To know your polling station you can send an SMS “KAEPIC XX” to 9731979899 where XX is the voter ID number.  

If you want to change your address in the voter ID card within the same seat, you can do that same by filling the form 8A both online and offline.

But if you are a registered voter from somewhere else in Karnataka, then you have to fill the form 6 and pay a fee of Rs 25.

Other than that, for any other queries/ complaints, voters can contact all the above-mentioned offices or the Election Commission officials in person or online.

In order to find your respective Electoral Registration Officer or Assistant Electoral Registration, from the official website and for booth level officers, check the list here.

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