Doctors have said that Bhargav needs to undergo chemotherapy for 2 years, so every bit of help matters.

Cancer has consumed this little boy and your help can save him
Tuesday, October 16, 2018 - 20:59


He is just 12 years old. Son of a newspaper delivery-man in Mumbai who earns just Rs. 8500 every month, Bhargav Waghmare was playful and active child until a cruel disease took his smile away. Earlier this year, in July, he had severe fever and cough. Thinking it would be viral, his parents took him to the doctor. “The tests revealed something that snatched our peace of mind. He was diagnosed with an aggressive type of cancer. This news shattered our lives,” says his father Sandeep.

But the Waghmare family hasn’t lost hope. “Doctors say that it can be cured,” Sandeep says, but only if he is able to put together Rs. 10 lakhs in the next few days, will he be able to save his son.

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“Bhargav consoles us and remains strong, his strength is keeping us going,” Sandeep says. Bhargav has been detected with deadly blood cancer - T cell Lymphoblastic Leukaemia, and the disease is slowly taking him away from his parents.

“I stand powerless to alleviate his condition, he endures all the pain with so much patience that it shrivels my heart for not being able to take the agony away from him. The disease has turned my son’s life into misery,” Sandeep says.

Doctors have said that Bhargav needs to undergo chemotherapy for 2 years. “My heart sank even deeper when he told us the estimated cost of the procedure. Where will I go to get such a huge amount? Will I be able to save my son?” Sandeep asks.

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The family has pledged all the jewellery they owned, and they have taken loans from relatives, but even that is not going to be enough. “I have to take care of a household of 6 members and I am the only person who earns. I am struggling to make my child fight the deadly disease. My strong boy needs your favour and generosity. I did all in my power to arrange for the money but Rs. 10 lakh seems impossible. We desperately need your support and prayers to save my son,” Sandeep says.



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