One of the memes renamed IndiGo as ‘Adingo’. In Tamil, ‘adingo’ means to beat up.

Can you beat my boss too Memes take a swipe at Indigo after video of passenger assault
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Two days ago, a shocking video of two IndiGo staffers assaulting a passenger emerged. The video shows a verbal altercation between a passenger, identified as Rajiv Katiyal and the IndiGo personnel. The personnel are then seen physically restraining Rajiv and even pinning him to the ground at one point with one of the personnel’s hands on Rajiv’s throat.

The video went viral and IndiGo came under severe criticism from all quarters. And while the airline issued an apology and fired the employee who released the video, the internet wasn’t even nearly done with them. Amidst the outrage and calls for boycotting IndiGo, some people turned things lighter with their witty takes and memes on the matter.

Some joked about wearing an armour as precaution before traveling in the airline. Others asked the airline to ‘do their thing’ to people like their bosses. Yet others took to creating brand new logos and taglines for the airline to suit their current media image.

One of the memes renamed IndiGo as ‘Adingo’. In Tamil, ‘adingo’ means to beat up.

And then there was this man, who took the trolling one step ahead by actually tweeting to IndiGo.

Social media users were not the only ones who capitalised on the hype behind the video. Reportedly, Air India too tweeted some cheeky advertisements, only to delete them later.

While one was about how Air India only raised their hands to say namaste, another one was about their ‘unbeatable service’.

While the tweets were deleted, there are screenshots still floating around. Check them out.

Meanwhile, another photo began doing the rounds, which seemed like a Jet Airways ad saying that they beat their competition, not their customers. However, Jet Airways clarified that it was not their ad and was in fact in bad taste.

Amidst all the jibes, there were some however, who stood by IndiGo. Pointing out that verbally abusing and shouting in a situation rather than talking it out is an Indian mentality, people said that the fault lay on both Rajiv and the airline staff’s sides. Others said that it was Rajiv who was at fault for misbehaving with the IndiGo personnel first.

Watch the controversial video here:

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