But at a price of over $1000, will the smartphone find many buyers?

Camera maker Red forays into smartphones to launch Hydrogen One with holographic display
Atom Tech Shorts Saturday, July 08, 2017 - 09:47
Written by  S. Mahadevan

They were making cameras for smartphones of many major manufacturers and now they are coming out with their own smartphone and how? The phone, christened Hydrogen One, is being touted as the world’s first ever phone with a holographic display.

In what analysts interpret as a jargon filled statement by the company, there are many features being explained about the phone which one might not have associated with smartphones hitherto.

First, the basic specifications of the Hydrogen One: The display of the phone will be 5.7 inches is size and Red claims in its statement that it has used some nanotechnology to make the switch between the normal 2D content and 3D content and it can further change to holographic display and even run interactive games without any serious effort by the user. Interestingly, the users won’t need any 3D glasses to view the contents, which may be a first.

The founder of the company has gone on to explain in a post that whatever is being described as the unique display features of the phone cannot be spelt out in words one has to actually experience it before appreciating it.

In terms of hardware, the phone appears to have a 3.5mm audio output jack and a USB type C-port, besides a microSD card slot. In the audio delivery also, the Hydrogen One is expected to reproduce sounds of a quality no smartphone might have delivered before.

Again, referring to the statement from Red, the phone’s manufacturer, they have used an algorithm that is capable of converting the stereo sound into what they call “multi-dimensional audio”.

Being a camera manufacturer, Red has also added the modular attachment feature, wherein external digital cameras can be paired with the Hydrogen One for capturing images, when desired.

Pre-orders for the phone are being booked now by Red on its own website and the delivery is likely by the first quarter of 2018 only.    

But the prices at which the phone is being offered are quite staggering; $1,195 for the phone with aluminum body and $1, 595 for the one with platinum body. Obviously, these phones are not meant for the run of the mill smartphone user, even of the high-end phones.

There is no information on if and when the Hydrogen One may be launched in India, but at Rs 77, 000 and Rs 100, 000 how many people will want to buy one here?