No subject is too sacred for humour.

Bummed out Check out these Twitter handles which take their humour very seriously
news Sunday, May 01, 2016 - 17:49

Twitter’s known for nastiness in 140 characters. But these people – mostly anonymous – are using their grey matter effortlessly it appears, to squeeze out humour with that character length. Where would we be with anonymous good Samaritans like this? Check them out:

Pakalu Papito (@pakalupapito)

Urban legend has it that people have even tried looking for him, but so far, s/he has remained successfully anonymous. Pakalu Papito and his/her camel have taken Twitter by a storm. Well, he’s the un-cool sidekick that many of us often feel like, and it’s good to know someone is public about it.

History of India (@RealHistoryPic)    

If you are looking for a history lesson on India, this is not the place for you (there are other, real, history handles). This account takes contemporary photos and captions them with a liberal and deeply political imagination designed to bite with its sarcasm. Oh, that the account description should give you enough indication of how seriously this chap takes humour.

Gareeb Aadmi (@GareebGuy)

Now, this is for people who like dark humour, and no, it isn’t quite the same as liking dark chocolate. This chap has a better sense of humour than the scriptwriters of a certain film who thought making fun of someone’s poverty was cool. Perhaps situational wretchedness could be used to describe this chap’s sense of humour.

Indian Nazi (@IndianNazi)

Disclaimer: You might get confused with this handle’s idea of sarcasm and irony, because they can make their tweets sound really convincing.

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