Builder’s son harasses actor, assaults bystanders who intervened

Darshan gathered a group of ruffians and beat up the men who questioned him for misbehaving at a bar.
Builder’s son harasses actor, assaults bystanders who intervened
Builder’s son harasses actor, assaults bystanders who intervened
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A builder’s son in Bengaluru has been booked for assaulting a group of men who intervened while he misbehaved with an actor at a night club on Sunday.

Darshan, son of Srinivas, got into a brawl at a bar where he harassed a popular Kannada actor. When people at the bar intervened, Darshan tried to beat them up but had to leave the bar when the management got involved.

“A few people who were at the bar witnessed the incident and tried to stop Darshan, after which he hit one of them. This turned into a bar fight and the bar’s management asked Darshan leave the premises,” said a police official.

But later in the night, Darshan got together a group of friends and started looking for the men who questioned him.

The bar’s management had by then informed the Cubbon Park police about what had happened. The woman and the others involved in the fight had already left the bar.

“Darshan and his aides searched for the men near UB City and surrounding areas. They found the men near Assaye Road and beat them up. An assault case was registered. The girl’s family advised her not to file a complaint as it may be an impediment in her career,” said the police official.

The police are examining the CCTV footage of the bar and surrounding areas to determine the series of events.

Meanwhile, Darshan and his aides have been sent for medical examination to ascertain the amount of alcohol they had consumed.

According to local media reports, drunk on his father’s influence, Darshan has a history of threatening to assault people at bars.

Earlier in January, CCTV footage of a girl being molested by two men at the same establishment surfaced in the media. The Banaswadi police had registered a case of molestation against the two men.

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