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The News Minute| Februaru 28, 2015| 7.00 pm IST So Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has presented his budget, experts have yapped away on TV shows for hours, numerous graphics are telling you whether you will become richer or poorer... Your friends are discussing the budget on Facebook and you have no clue how to make an intelligent intervention... Help is here.  Just look through these tweets by $ir $ri $ri Magal handle, that explains the budget. (It is a parody account for trader and investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala) Vegetables getting cheaper? - No Petrol getting cheaper - No Water getting cheaper - No Ambanis paying less tax - yes Fantastic Budget! — $ir $ri $ri Magal (@jhunjhunwala) February 28, 2015 If I hear the term 'Big Bang Reforms' just one more bloody time on a news channel today this is how I shall react : pic.twitter.com/a2wdaHmYBE — $ir $ri $ri Magal (@jhunjhunwala) February 28, 2015 Nice to see the Congress criticize the budget. At least they waited till after the Budget to do it. — $ir $ri $ri Magal (@jhunjhunwala) February 28, 2015 Baba Ramdev reacts to the benefits to Yoga in this budget : pic.twitter.com/QyRTU9QLwM — $ir $ri $ri Magal (@jhunjhunwala) February 28, 2015 Gautam Adani's reaction to the Budget : pic.twitter.com/nKAEgt7lff — $ir $ri $ri Magal (@jhunjhunwala) February 28, 2015 *BUDGET REACTION* MODI fanbois - WOOHOO! AWESOME!!! Congress - Ghatiya! AAP - Sab Mile hue hai! Samajwadi Party- Pehle samajhne to do! — $ir $ri $ri Magal (@jhunjhunwala) February 28, 2015 Hmmm, Sensex is down 285 points. — $ir $ri $ri Magal (@jhunjhunwala) February 28, 2015 Simple explanation of Budget : pic.twitter.com/Y04lIqHU1u — $ir $ri $ri Magal (@jhunjhunwala) February 28, 2015 Bhai!!!! Thanks bhai!!! Budget mein Yoga ko Charity status de diya!!!! pic.twitter.com/crngy8Poie — $ir $ri $ri Magal (@jhunjhunwala) February 28, 2015 The budget has made film tickets costlier. Its the government's way of punishing you for watching films like 'Tevar' and 'Roy'. — $ir $ri $ri Magal (@jhunjhunwala) February 28, 2015 Jaitley should not have announced new IITs and IIMs. India is more than happy with IIN. — $ir $ri $ri Magal (@jhunjhunwala) February 28, 2015 The Budget is like Modern Art- Everyone looks at it,most secretly hate it, very few truly understand it but most pretend to love it. — $ir $ri $ri Magal (@jhunjhunwala) February 28, 2015 Tweet
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