In the video, Mammootty recounted that he and Mohanlal met on the sets of their first film, ‘Padayottam’, nearly four decades ago.

Mohanlal and Mammootty wearing white shirts and smiling in an old picture
Flix Cinema Thursday, May 21, 2020 - 13:04

Malayalam actor Mohanlal is celebrating his 60th birthday on Thursday. One of the greatest acting talents in Indian cinema, Mohanlal completes four decades in the movies as he turns 60 this year.

Among the scores from the film industry who wished him was actor Mammootty — Lal’s contemporary, box office rival and the other reigning star of Malayalam cinema. In a heartfelt birthday wish via a video, Mammootty opened up about his and Mohanlal’s real-life friendship, which has stood the test of time.

“I have known him for 39 years. We first met on the sets of Padayottam (1982) — our first film together. From then to now, the bond has lasted,” Mammootty said in his three-minute video titled 'To my Lal', which has already received over 4 lakh views on Facebook.

Mammootty went on to describe how Mohanlal is just like one of his brothers to him.

“He calls me Ichakka (brother). So many times, when people call me Ichakka decoratively, and I don’t get so much happiness. But when Lal calls me so, it makes me immensely happy,” the actor said with a smile.

Recalling their journey in both cinema and real-life, Mammootty said that back in the day, both the actors were like “college students who would study right before the exams”. The exams, in this case, were the films they signed up.

“We used to sing, enjoy, crack jokes and fool around like college students. We didn’t take life too seriously. But we had a very serious approach to our work. Just like college students who study hard just before exams, we used to put in all our effort for the films. And in such exams, we have got decent marks,” the actor said, explaining that it is that dedication that helped them turn into actors who are loved and praised by many.

“Mohanlal has stood with me like a family member and conducted my children’s weddings. When Appu (Pranav Mohanlal) was to make his film debut, I remember they had come home and taken my blessings and asked for my prayers,” he added.

Beyond being film stars, there was friendship, too, between both actors. “It is something that I won’t forget in our journey. This should continue for the rest of our journey. I do not know how much of the journey is left, but whatever is left,” he added.

The actor concluded his video by wishing Mohanlal once again. 

“To the magical actor, to Kerala’s Lalettan, to the great actor that Malayalam cinema has seen and to my dear friend Mohanlal, I wish you a very happy birthday,” he said.