The aim is to ensure the involvement of NRKs in the state's development.

Bringing Non-resident Keralites together State set for first Loka Kerala Sabha
news Loka Kerala Sabha Wednesday, January 10, 2018 - 21:08

Kerala is all set to witness a unique event being held for the first time, which will bring Keralites living across the globe under one platform.

Named Loka Kerala Sabha (World Kerala Assembly), the event is being hosted by the state government under the department of Non-Resident Keralites (NRKs), on Friday and Saturday.

The aim is to ensure the involvement of NRKs in the state's development.

It is also meant to give due priority for the issues of NRKs in the state's policy-making process. 

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan had in December said that it will be made a permanent feature.

The endeavour is to get Keralites, especially the prominent figures, living in all states in the country as well as overseas, to be represented in the Loka Kerala Sabha. From inside the state, there will be MLAs and MPs participating in the event.

The concept is do away with the geographical boundaries when it comes to policymaking and envisage plans for the long term.

“Kerala has become a global state with Keralites living in almost every place in the world. Many things connected to the state, be it writing in Malayalam, traditional cultural programmes or discussions about Kerala’s development, are happening in all places where Keralites live. Scores of Keralites, not living in the state, have been making so many contributions in this regard. What is needed is to bring all of them together under a common and permanent platform,” Dr KN Harilal, noted economist and member of State Planning Board told TNM.

A committee has been constituted by the government, which nominated representatives from other states and countries, to be invited as delegates to the programme. The maiden event has been conceived with the participation of 351 members- 100 members representing Keralites from various countries, 42 members from other states, 30 experts from various fields, six members representing NRKs returnees and the peoples’ representatives.

“Loka Kerala Sabha also aims at uniting Keralites who have been scattered across the globe. At present, those who live outside the state are not asked for any suggestions in any of the initiatives regarding the state,” Harilal added.

It also aims at utilizing the knowhow and expertise of NRKs for the development of various sectors of the state.

Cultural programmes, books exhibition, a flower fest, to name a few have been organised as a part of the Sabha which will be held at the Legislative Assembly Lounge.

An eco-friendly entrance has been set up to the flower fest named Vasanthothsavam, that is being held at Kanakakunnu palace ground.

There will also be group discussions on sectors like culture, education, industry, tourism and health.

Now it has been decided to hold the Sabha once in two years, but it may change considering the success and participation of this event.