The temperature is likely to decrease to 8 degrees over the next few days.

Brace yourself Hyderabad Temperature may drop further as cold wave to continueImage for representation
news Weather Saturday, January 07, 2017 - 10:04

Residents of Hyderabad may need to brace themselves further as the cold weather prevailing in the city for the past week or so, may continue further.

It was reported that the temperature, which is already a few degrees lower than usual, is likely to decrease to 8 degrees over the next few days.

"Whenever there is cloudy sky, temperature tends to rise as the long-wave radiation released from the surface at night time is trapped between the Earth and clouds. This leads to increase in temperatures. Even if there are no clouds, the heat is sometimes trapped in fog or smog," Ramesh, a member secretary of the Indian Meteorological Society told Times of India.

Another reason for the drop in temperature could be because of the lack of warm and humid winds from the south-east.

K Nagaratna, a scientist with the Indian Meteorological Department also told TOI that the temperature would have come down as there were winds from the west-southwestern direction.

The cold wave has also hit several places in Telangana.

Adilabad had recorded a minimum night temperature as low as 7 degrees on Thursday, while it recorded 8 degrees on Friday.

It was reported that Meteorological Department on Friday showed that the minimum temperatures were substantially below normal, even going as low as 3.1 to 5 degrees at a few places in the state.