Boundary issues? Left parties bicker as expelled CPI (M) members join CPI

CPI's P Raju advised CPI (M) to introspect on why its members were leaving instead of blaming the other party.
Boundary issues? Left parties bicker as expelled CPI (M) members join CPI
Boundary issues? Left parties bicker as expelled CPI (M) members join CPI
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In the continuing discord between CPI and CPI (M), the two primary constituents of the ruling Left Democratic Front (LDF), the former took a dig at the CPI (M) on Wednesday.

Reacting to CPI (M)’s Ernakulam District Secretary P Rajeev’s statement that CPI would cease to exist in Ernakulam if CPI (M) took in all its expelled members, CPI district secretary P Raju said that this was "a distant dream" that would never become reality.

P Rajeev’s statement, made at a public event in Nadakkavu, comes weeks after many CPI (M) members from Kasargod and Ernakulam joined CPI, which irked the CPI (M). 

Calling Rajeev’s statement a dream that will never materialize, Raju turned the issue back around, asking the CPI (M) to first introspect why its members were quitting the party.

However, the CPI does seem to be taking pride in expelled CPI(M) members joining it.

“Many CPI (M) members have already joined us, many more are preparing themselves to leave CPI (M). It would be better if you introspect why your members are leaving,” Raju wrote.

Raju also wrote that the CPI has chosen to dismiss Rajeev’s comments as he must have made the comment without due knowledge of the history of the CPI and its activities.

Saying that CPI members are not the kind who will enthusiastically join CPI(M), Raju expressed ‘regret’ that P Rajeev failed to realize that.

He also goes on to write that MLA M Swaraj had approached CPI members in the run up to assembly elections, seeking their cooperation, as 'groupism' was rampant in CPI (M). 

The CPI state committee seems to be well aware of the consequences of a public spat. 

After picking on the CPI (M), Raju goes on to say that the party has chosen not to respond to Rajeev’s comments, lest rivals view it as an opportunity to hit out at the ruling LDF.

Speaking to The News Minute, P Raju said that his statements should be seen only as a reply to Rajeev's comments and there was no discord between the two factions. 

"There is nothing unusual in my statement, nor does it mean there is discord within LDF. I don't think the comment was harsh in any manner," he said. 

Refusing to respond to the CPI district secretary's comment, P Rajeev reasoned that differences of opinions are bound to arise between political parties. 

"I haven't given enough importance to Raju's comments. If CPI (M) was to agree with everything CPI does, why would we remain as an independent party?" Rajeev said. 

Political analyst Advocate Jayashankar views the absorption of expelled CPI (M) members by CPI as a means to prevent them from joining a rival party outside the LDF. 

"We have had instances where their own party members would quit and join Congress or BJP. This way, they can retain the members from quitting the Left ideology, even though they join the other party," he said. 

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