Bosco Kaweesi, activist for African students in Bengaluru, deported
Bosco Kaweesi, activist for African students in Bengaluru, deported

Bosco Kaweesi, activist for African students in Bengaluru, deported

Bosco is married to an Indian woman, Rosa Gadekar Siddi.

Bosco Kaweesi, a Ugandan national who advocated for African immigrants in Bengaluru, has been deported from India for overstaying his visa. Since arriving in India in 2004 on a student visa that would eventually expire in 2005, Bosco had been living in the country for approximately 17 years. Bosco Kaweesi is a well-known figure in Bengaluru's African community and served as president of the Pan-African Federation and Students' Union India.

Bosco’s illegal stay was unknown to them, the police said. They claimed that he was also involved in human trafficking and had made fictitious documents to aid Africans who had overstayed their visas. Police alleged that Bosco gave bogus immigration paperwork to illegal African immigrants in exchange for money. Police said that he deceived African expatriates by claiming to be able to provide them with police and immigration clearance while using his organisation's name to extort money from them.

Bosco’s situation was only made known to Bengaluru police after receiving a warning from the Foreigners' Regional Registration Office (FRO), according to reports. On July 19, he was taken into custody and held at the correctional facility. On July 27, he was deported with the aid of Union government officials.

According to reports, He was detained in 2006 and given a six-month prison term. Bosco disregarded a warning to leave the nation as well. On a student visa, Bosco had come to Mumbai in 2004. In 2005, a Karwar court had sentenced him to six months' imprisonment for overstaying. Bosco continued to migrate across the country after being released from prison, and in 2006 he arrived in Bengaluru.

Bosco twice went to the Karnataka High Court in the interim to ask for help extending his visa, which had run out in 2005. He approached the court for the first time in 2009, and his request was later denied. In 2019, Bosco reapplied to the court, arguing that since he had wed Rosa Gadekar Siddi, an Indian woman, he should be allowed to stay in Bengaluru. In March of this year, the petition was once more turned down.

In Lingarajapuram, the police have also filed a lawsuit against Bosco Kaweesi's landlord for failing to notify the local police of the tenancy.

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