Boltt launches AI-enabled wearable devices for fitness and health solutions

The company has launched a range of products from smart shoes to sensors and is now accepting pre-orders at discounted prices.
Boltt launches AI-enabled wearable devices for fitness and health solutions
Boltt launches AI-enabled wearable devices for fitness and health solutions
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Now, an Indian start-up joins the fitness tracking ecosystem segment by launching a range of products including a smart band, shoes and also an app. The company is accepting pre-orders for all these products on its website under its ‘early adapter’ scheme.

The homegrown startup has its footprints around the world and aims at taking the narrative beyond just giving out data, which most fitness trackers and wearables appear to do. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Boltt’s products, like shoes and stride sensors that can be attached to the legs will not only record and track the different readings, but can come up with appropriate suggestions for improving the parameters going ahead.

In fact, there is a provision for a real-time voice based feedback right into the ears of the users.

Boltt has tried to apply the AI technology effectively to analyze the various related inputs the individual is able to provide, like the type of food being consumed, the levels of physical activity through the waking hours and even sleep pattern to take a holistic view and offer the best way forward.

The shoes or the connected sneakers are supported by an in-house Boltt Audio AI Coach, the software program that does all the background work as the user goes about the daily routines.

Those who don’t wish to invest in these shoes can go in for the stride sensor. A small bug like device, this can be easily attached to any normal running or walking shoes and can do the job of converting the shoe into a smart shoe and provide the set of data that can be shared with the app and then the rest of the activities described above can follow.

The third product is the smart band which acts as a fitness-tracker and is comparable to any other similar product in the market.

And finally, the Boltt app is compatible with other health and fitness apps on the iOS or the Android devices and the user can derive the maximum benefit by creating a favorable ecosystem with the smartphone or other hand-held devices that he or she uses.

All these products and the app are being simultaneously launched not only in India but also in the US and some markets in Europe.

On the Indian site, Boltt is offering the fitness tracker with a price tag of Rs 3, 999 at Rs 1, 359; the stride sensor with a similar price of Rs 3, 999 at Rs 1, 999

The App is being offered at a discount of Rs 100 at Rs 400. The price of the connected shoes is not mentioned yet. These are available to those who wish to pre-order

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