The boy’s body was found 10 kilometres away from the spot where he went missing.

Hani Rahman Kerala teen who dies in a flash flood in Kozhikode districtHani Rahman (Image credits: FB / Poolappoyil Bava Ameen)
news Accident Monday, June 08, 2020 - 18:42

The body of a 17-year-old boy from Kozhikode, who was washed away in a flash flood, was found on Sunday. The boy went missing on Saturday. His body was recovered 10 kilometers from the spot he went missing.

On Saturday evening, Hani Rahman along with three others went to bathe in a stream near Urumi Power Plant at Koodaranji in Kozhikode district. Although there was little water in the stream at the time, officials say there was a sudden flash flood. While the others managed to escape, Hani was washed away.

Though a search had been initiated to find Hani on Saturday, the boy was found dead on Sunday night. His funeral was also held the same night.

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Speaking to TNM, an official at the Thiruvambady police station says, “His body was found at Kalpuzhayi - a tributary of Iruvazhinji River - which is at least 10 kilometres away from where he went missing. It seems that the water must have come gushing with such heavy force to push the boy that far.”

He also added that such strong flash floods have not occurred in the region in the recent past.

According to the police, after the inquest procedures, the boy’s funeral was held at Poolapoyil near Omassery on Sunday night.

According to police officials, Koodaranji is a scenic spot and people tend to visit when there is less water in the stream.

“But the region is full of rocks and if one gets caught in such instances, one can easily get seriously injured,” the official warns.

Parts of the northern Kerala districts had been witnessing heavy rains in the past few days. According to reports, the hilly terrains of Kozhikode district had received heavy rainfall on Friday night.The India Meteorological Department had issued a yellow alert for Kozhikode district last Saturday.

The southwest monsoon arrived in Kerala on June 1. 

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